The show goes on…

I am back writing again for all my previous readers to fulfil my duty as a columnist.  But this time, my words will be more accessible on the Internet plus my write ups will be more than just once every week.  Thank you for all your support on reading my articles back when I wrote for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  It was a great honor filling you with insurance knowhow and writing about the country’s issues and problems.  The show goes on.


3 Responses to The show goes on…

  1. Marge =) says:

    Hi Dad!
    You’ve gone hi-tech! SO proud of you!
    Love you,

  2. Boy Ramos says:

    Hey! You do give me good information and interesting bits. Hope you continue writing about GSIS and SSS ineffeciencies and also anomalies.

    • 6hydra says:

      Dear Boy

      I swear to continue writing about SSS and GSIS inefficiencies if you promise to keep on reading them and letting me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

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